RTS Style Unit Selection in Unity 5

In this post I will go over the following aspects of RTS style unit selection:

  • Draw a selection box using the mouse
  • Determine which units are within the selection box
  • Highlight selected units

Drawing rectangles

There are many ways to draw rectangles in Unity. In this example, I will use GUI.DrawTexture, as it is an easy and straightforward way to achieve our goal. We can draw a simple colored Rect using GUI.DrawTexture by setting GUI.color to the desired color, and then passing a white 1×1 texture to GUI.DrawTexture. I wrote a short utility class to make this easier:

Keep in mind that GUI methods (and thus also our DrawScreenRect utility method) can only be called during OnGUI(), and make sure you create the white texture only once for performance reasons.

We can now draw screen rectangles from any component in OnGUI():

With the following utility method we can also draw borders for a rect:


Using the mouse to draw a selection box

Screen space in Unity has its origin (0,0) at the bottom left of the screen. This is inconsistent with the Rect struct, which has its origin at the top left. Input.mousePosition gives us the position of the mouse in screen space, so we have to be careful when using mouse positions to create a Rect. Knowing this, it is fairly easy to create a Rect from 2 screen space (mouse) positions: